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Blue Temple Visions

Trve Sagacity 'For the Great Fall of Time' 2023. One-man Welsh BM project from 14 year old Marwolaeth; although calling this Black Metal is unfair since it's actually a unique amalgamation of BM, mid-tempo Thrash, some Death Metal elements and even slower Doom sections. Dunno how to say it other than this record possesses 'the creep' - a kind of off-centre stangeness that feels uncontaminated by all the usual trends and so doesn't really fit any particular pre-existing pattern; hence it remains simply 'other'. Perhaps the best example is the excellent ' From Hell to the Mind', which starts with an ominous tri-tone atmosphere, segues into a sombre-yet-tense middle section before launching into a final foot-to-the-floor BM finale. It's almost as if Black Sabbath cirrca 1970 started playing proto-BM. That the lad is producing this level of quality, on his own, at 14 years of age is basically mental. Extra points for the great 'eeyyyaaaccckk' vocal flourishes too!


Unmerciful Terror Grind

If you like proper black metal, give @trvesagacity a go. Lad from Wales with the spirit of the old school, and this EP is fucking good - and no, I don't mean fucking "good seeing it was made by a 14 year old" I mean it is REALLY fucking good!

Not for pussies.


Aaron J. Waters - bandcamp listener

If there is anything that gives me faith the new generation will still have good music, it is this young man.

Aaron Waters.png

Truth B4 Orthodoxy - bandcamp listener

It's perfectly raw, with a story to tell and sick cover art to match. What's not to like? This young man holds his own remarkably well!

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