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Instagram, Youtube and Bandcamp are the places to keep up to date with music releases, developments, thoughts and pics of me messing about in corpse paint and taking moody photos.


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Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Youtube Music, Tidal, Napster - whatever your choice of service you can find my music. Just search Trve Sagacity


New Single - Guardian of the Graves

The third single from the upcoming full length album 'The Red Book of Hergest' will be 'Guardian of the Graves' - released on 31st August 2023..

The single tells the story of a loyal dog so grieved by his owners death that he guards his grave until his own demise, at which point his spirit becomes the guardian of all the graves in the cemetery.

The Red Book of Hergest will be released Autumn 2023

for the great fall of time.png

For the Great Fall of Time

February 2023 saw the release of my debut EP, 'For the Great Fall of Time'. This five track EP contains the songs: Diablo Relentless, From Hell to the Mind, Footsteps of Winter, When Heaven Boils Above and Great Fall of Time.


Search Trve Sagacity on most streaming services to check it out. 

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